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OFG Bancorp unit leads $3M investment in Nymbus

OFG Bancorp in San Juan, Puerto Rico, has invested in Nymbus.

Nymbus, a fintech that helps banks and credit unions with loan originations and digital products, said in a press release Thursday that OFG Ventures, a unit of the $10.5 billion-asset OFG Bancorp, led a $3 million round of financing. Nymbus said the funding will help it create new products.

“Our mission has remained steadfast to help financial institutions of any size succeed with impactful, intentional innovation,” Jeffery Kendall, Nymbus’ chairman and CEO, said in the release.

“OFG Ventures’ investment is an added vote of confidence to the value our strategy brings to an industry widely in need of immediate and sustainable business growth opportunities,” Kendall added.

“We believe banks should strive to innovate and redefine their business models in order to serve their customers better,” Ganesh Kumar, OFG Ventures’ director, said in the release. “Today’s digital world forces banks to be agile and inventive when it comes to customer convenience and value-added services.”

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