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  • I recently led a discussion with Joltz Rewards co-founders Ian Major and Stephen Dodge about their new venture, which offers Bitcoin as part of companies’ customer loyalty and rewards programs. Click here to watch the conversation.

  • We recently shared advice in a Forbes Financial Council article on developing stronger strategic partnerships. The key is finding like-minded partners in terms of risk tolerance, ethics/standards and strategic imperatives.

  • We recently shared some ideas for finding news scoops in quarterly earnings releases. The Forbes Finance Council piece can be found here.

  • Technology creates opportunities and challenges for financial wellness. I recently moderated a National Fintech Organization panel that covered this topic. Watch the session here.
  • The first quarter is a good time for companies with seasonal revenue to evaluate their cost structure, I recently shared with the Forbes Finance Council.
  • Credit unions are buying banks to enter new markets and improve their commercial banking acumen. See more of my comments with Finopotamus.
  • Fintech layoffs could be a hiring opportunity for banks. Read my Forbes Finance Council piece here.
  • I discussed with American Banker how growth-minded community banks should look to hire executives from larger institutions.
  • I discussed Buy Now, Pay Later on NAFCU’s CUPP podcast. Topics include BNPL opportunities, how to research and prepare an offering, and the regulatory climate.
  • While technology can make it easier to hire remote employees, work-from-home can still be plagued with complications if mishandled. My article for the Forbes Finance Council looks at how to make WFH seamless and more efficient.
  • A big challenge for lenders involves detecting borrower stress before a loan default. In this Forbes Financial Council article, I share tips for spotting problems before they hit a lenders’ bottom line.
  • Curious about digital assets? I moderated a panel at the Fintech + Insurtech Generations conference that covered the ins and outs of blockchain-based products.