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Native American focused neobank Totem launches app

Totem Technologies has launched its app.

The Tulsa, Okla., neobank, which is focused on Native Americans, announced the app’s launch on social media. The announcement came eight months after Totem raised $2.2 million of preseed funding.

“I am feeling such a complex rush of emotions today that it’s hard to know what to say,” Totem CEO Amber Buker said in a post. “Thank you to everyone who’s played any part in bringing it to life. This build is only the beginning.”

Raven Indigenous Capital Partners, a Canadian firm that invests in indigenous social enterprises, led Totem’s funding round last November. Other investors included the Alloy Alchemist Fund, Candide Group, Debut Capital and Ruthless for Good.

Buker previously served as Alloy Labs Alliance’s director of insights. Alloy is an investor in the effort.

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