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Meta Financial CEO retiring to start unbanked initiative

Meta Financial in Sioux Falls, S.D., will soon have a new CEO.

The $7.1 billion-asset company said in a press release Tuesday that Brad Hanson will also retire as president and as co-president and CEO of MetaBank on Sept. 30. He will serve as a strategic adviser until the end of 2022. 

Hanson plans to “focus on entrepreneurial and philanthropic endeavors,” including a project that will provide more-efficient cross-border remittance between the United States and Mexico for underbanked customers. Meta’s venture capital arm will partner with him on the initiative.

Brett Pharr, MetaBank’s co-president and chief operating officer, will succeed Hanson as CEO of the company and the bank. He will also the boards of Meta Financial and MetaBank.

Anthony Sharett, chief legal and compliance officer at Meta Financial and MetaBank, will succeed Hanson as president and the company and the bank. 

“We thank Brad for his contributions over nearly 20 years, which helped to build Meta’s leadership position in the financial services and payments industries, and for his commitment to our mission of financial inclusion for all,” Douglas J. Hajek, the company’s chairman, said in the release.

Hanson has been the company’s president since 2013. He became CEO five years later.

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